Welcome to the HLSA of Brazil

Upcoming HLSA of Brazil Club Elections!

Greetings HLS alumni,

We are excited to announce the upcoming election for the Harvard Law School Association (HLSA) of Brazil volunteer leadership positions. The HLS Alumni Relations Office will administer elections in the new year for the HLSA of Brazil Club's leadership positions, and the election process and participation are open to all members of the HLSA who live in Brazil. 


The HLSA and the HLSA Executive Committee of alumni volunteers oversee the almost forty geographic Clubs and Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) that comprise this global organization. The HLSA serves as a forum to connect on a wide range of legal, business, and social levels to "advance the cause of legal education, to promote the interests and increase the usefulness of the Harvard Law School, and to promote mutual acquaintance and good fellowship" among all HLS alumni.  

We encourage you to review the materials here for additional information on the HLSA and its operations. 


In mid-January, an email will be sent to all HLS alumni in Brazil providing a mechanism to nominate yourself and identify which volunteer leadership role you wish to run for. There will be positional descriptions on the form, and each candidate will be asked to submit a brief bio and details on why they wish to run.


Please save email_watch@omnimagnet.net and webmaster@brazil.hlsa.org email addresses to your inbox as a contact to ensure you receive all future communications from the HLSA of Brazil and its elections.


By volunteering with the HLSA of Brazil, you can, produce events and engagement opportunities, participate and contribute to the global HLS alumni community, and help strengthen the Club's organizational bylaws.


Should you have questions on the HLSA, geographic Club operations, or the HLS Alumni Relations Office, please reach out to Meagan Flint, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations, at mflint@law.harvard.edu


Harvard Law School Association Executive Committee &
HLS Alumni Relations Office


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Help us to build a better HLSA of Brazil. Let us know what you, as HLS Alumni living in Brazil would like to see from your local HLSA Chapter.  Speaker events, networking reception, casual happy hours?